Rose Glow Tea Room
Rose Glow Tea Room
  • Rose Glow Tea Room
  • Rose Glow Tea Room provides a low cost natural way to combat daily stressors and own your wellness. Our mission at Rose Glow Tea Room is to give anyone experiencing stress or anxiety time to hit the reset button while enjoying our tea with poise, grace, and elegance.

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Rose Glow Tea Room

Fallon Keplinger



My story starts with stress and anxiety. In 2018 my mother suffered from some heart issues and needed round the clock care. I would go to her house immediately after work to do the laundry, prep meals, and clean the house. I was stressed and my mother was prescribed a cocktail of opiates and still in pain. I knew that both of us needed a solution. After a year of research, I started making CBD teas. I noticed I wasn’t as stressed and anxious, and my mother actually preferred the CBD tea to her prescription medication. I thought if this could help us, it could probably help a lot more people.

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