Citrus Bae CrystalBliss Candle

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Citrus Bae CrystalBliss Candle

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Balance your space with the CrystalBliss Candle. The wonderful benefits of aromatherapy candles and crystals are amazing! This candle was mentioned in Oprah Daily for its wonderful aromatics! 


These long-lasting candles are such a thought-provoking symbol: as they shine, they gradually reveal a crystal within. Hand-selected crystals such as healing amethyst, self-love rose quartz, howlite for temperament, and more!


The crystal is revealed, you can tuck it into a pocket or display it in your home as an inspiring reminder.

 8 oz candle 35+ hr burn time

All candles and are made individually one at a time to ensure you receive a highly scented product each and every time! We suggest allowing an additional week before lighting for optimal scent throw. 

Citrus Bae - A refreshing blend of lemon, orange, lime, bergamot, and bright grapefruit

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