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  • I am a Vegan Nutrition and Health Coach who educates people on the benefits of being vegan. The lifestyle doesn't just stop at what you eat, what you put on your body matters just as much.

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At Holistically Vegan we believe that the vegan/plant based lifestyle doesn't just stop at what you put in your body, what you put on your body matters too. A lot of commercial products sold in the stores contain harmful chemicals, some are even cancerous. Do your research, I challenge you to look at the ingredients in the products that you use. Most of the ingredients you probably can't even pronounce, look up those ingredients. 

Doing this research scared me, especially when a lot if the products were used my whole life. This is why I started using natural skin and hair care products. Eventually I started making my own products as well. In 2018 one of my son's had eczema, I bought all types of products to heal his eczema and either they didn't work, had a lot of chemicals, or were too expensive. I decided to take him to the doctor and they prescribed a steroid...I looked at the ingredients and researched and made the decision not to put that on my baby.

Once again I research, I researched natural ingredients that could heal eczema and dry skin. I purchased those ingredients and made him a salve. I rubbed it on him a few times a day for about 2 weeks and it was gone. 

I was very surprised by the results. This taught me that the harsh chemicals in products are not needed and everything that I thought I knew was a lie. I used the salve for me and my family as well. It was really moisturizing for the skin, especially in the winter. (I thought back to being a kid and our parents used to rub all of that petroleum jelly on us in the winter -Do you know what petroleum really is? Research it!)
From there, I gave a few samples to people that I know that could benefit from the product. I got great feedback. I decided to do more research and create more natural products and the rest is history. Since then I've literally thrown away every single skin and hair care product that my household used and we've only been using my products for the past 2 years

Now, I make hair growth oils, hair strengthening oils, hair butters, body butters, beard oils, beard washes, shampoo, skin tone serums, deodorants, body scrubs, and more and they are all %100 handmade, natural, and made with love.

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