Black-Owned & Black Founded

  • AcARRE Beauty

    Tracey Kearse, Founder

    AcARRE founder, CEO, and Chief Chemist Tracy is a chemical engineer who has worked in product development for over 15 years. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Tracy herself has created a natural brand inspired by her friends and family inquiries for high-quality multi-use products.

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  • Apple Rose Beauty

    Kristy Alexander, Founder

    From engineering to business management, founder Kristy left it all behind and sold her house to travel and serve those in need in Central America, Asia, and Africa. Kristy’s knowledge of natural products during her travels led her to produce clean and natural products for her brand.

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  • Bamblu

    Angela Hawkins, Founder

    Angela Hawkins is the founder of Bamblu — a sleep company that offers bedding, sleepwear and aromatherapy products to help people get the rest they need. Bamblu’s products are made from organic bamboo fibers — a unique fabric designed to promote the deep, restful, restorative sleep people deserve.

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  • Beads by Vibration

    Desiree Hill, Founder

    Hill's designs create Bold & Beautiful One-of-a-Kind statement jewelry using natural stones, and beads from around the world to create intentional artistic expressions of vibration. Mix a little magic with a lot of style…and it’s a VIBE.

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  • Carla Sue Greeting Cards & Gifts

    Carla Lyles, Founder

    Carla Lyles a multidisciplinary artist, activist and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas began her passion through a grassroots organization that empowered the youth through the arts. When she is not working on her bold greeting cards company, she is working on Carla Sue network that highlights on other small businesses.

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  • Cecile's Bath & Beauty

    Jackie Granchamps, Founder

    Jackie Granchamps turned her hobby of creating bathing salts into a clean beauty brand. After playing it safe in Corporate America as a Marketing Manager, Jackie joined a group of 200 women on Selfmade (an entrepreneurship course) and found her fire to start Cecile’s.

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  • Cedric Brown Collections

    Cedric Brown, Founder

    Cedric Brown Collections is a cutting edge apparel business. Sending a message through my colorful, bold prints, I paint abstract art that is made into limited edition prints on accessories: kimonos, scarves, dresses, shirts, pillowcases, masks, neck ties, handkerchiefs, and socks. My designs have been featured on CNN, OWN TV, FOX's Our Kind Of People, Black Enterprise, Hello Beautiful, Madame Noire, and Town & Country. Notable celebrities, Actress Lynn Whitfield, Vanessa Williams, Rapper Young Thug, Wale, Supermodel Beverly Johnson, and Fortune 500 CEOS John Miller, Denny's, Marvin Ellison, Lowe's, Ellen Alemany, CIT Bank, and John Hope Bryant, Operation Hope, are among those who have CBC – top of mind fashion accessory.

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  • Cocoa Cutie

    Denise Butler, Founder

    My name is Denise and I am the Artist and Creator of Cocoa Cutie. Cocoa Cutie is inspired by my nieces and nephews. I was looking for products that reflected my family but was unable to find them. I literally took to the drawing board and drew what I wanted to see. Each character is hand-drawn by me and is one-of-a kind. Building self-esteem early on in our children is paramount, so each Cocoa Cutie is available in one of four different skin tones to reflect the diversity and beauty of every child. Also, our children deserve the very best, so I make sure each product is of the highest quality.

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  • Colour Coded by Coco

    Courtney Outland, Founder

    The Fairy Godmuva of Lippies, Ms. Coco is the woman behind the brand Colour Coded by Coco. She is inspired by colorful lips and lifestyles and started her Houston based, Indie cosmetic brand back in 2019.

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  • Coobaya

    Mentu Easwaran, Founder

    Born and bred in Ethiopia, Mentwab Easwaran (Mentu) founded her artistic talent very early on. By age 17 she was hand designing pillow covers for an international non profit for a humanitarian mission. Mentu pursued her career in art, and making her art tangible through her brand. Mentu was inspired to create a collection of storytelling mugs that evoke happiness and joy on one end and Zen and calmness on the other.

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  • Doubledown Cosmetics

    Marvin and Kristen Speller, Founders

    Founder husband and wife, Marvin and Kristen Speller created Doubledown Cosmetics that donated proceeds to domestic violence and homeless communities. The Speller’s have also founded the Domestic Violence Glam UP Program in 2012 and have partnered with local communities to provide makeovers, education, and resources for survivors on health and wellness.

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  • Ellice Darien Beauty

    Ellice Darien-Harris, Founder

    Ellice Darien products are confidently Leaping Bunny Certified to ensure no product is tested on animals. As part of the Blue Beauty movement, Ellice Darien is dedicated to business practices that help to eliminate beauty industry waste from the world's oceans. With these sustainable missions in mind, the company has expanded to include lines of vibrant makeup, luscious fragrances, and mens skincare. Skincare products are housed in sleek black, while makeup is packaged with metallic dazzle in a series of sparkling geometric shapes. Every item promises a luxurious experience - without inflicting damage on our shared and incredible earth.

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  • Emanate Essentials

    Sha Hanna-Santos, Founder

    Sha, the founder of Emanate Essentials has had several years of experience working in health and wellness as a massage and aromatherapist. Sha is also certified in botanical beauty and aromatic application that led her to create handcrafted products that focus on wellness and the art of self care.

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  • Hendrix + Lenox

    Lola Keyes Wood, Founder

    Lola is the mother of Hendrix + Lenox and founder of the brand. She created the brand to showcase more black children representation through her products because of the importance it holds to children to see early on.

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  • Hot N Saucy

    Samantha Allonce, Founder

    Sam, founder of Hot n Saucy is a chef, caterer and restaurant consultant herself. Born in Harlem, NY, Sam uses unique ingredients to create bright, bold, and flavorful sauces that can be used a little or a lot on your favorite foods.

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  • Kimani's Collection

    Jasmin Kimani, Founder

    Jasmin Kimani creates iconic, affordable luxe jewelry. Jewelry pieces are inspired to enhance your fashion and inner confidence.

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  • LayZe Girl Designs

    Chalay Zerrell, Founder

    LayZe Girl Designs, created by Chalay Zerrell is an online gift shop featuring stationery, kids clothing and home decor. Zerell always loved sending and receiving cards, but it was always hard to find ones that represented Black folks. A couple of years ago, she decided to change that by creating items that represent Black people.

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  • Le Beurre Shop

    Shirley Menard, Founder

    Shirley Menard, New York born, Caribbean bred, Ivy League educated lawyer turned entrepreneur turned her love with shea butter into her own brand. Beurre was created as a natural solution to universal skin care needs, and as the brand grows so does Shirley's dream to share her love of shea butter with the world.

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  • LipRevolt

    Courtney Stewart, Founder

    Founder Courtney Stewart found that there is power through lipstick, which is why she created LipRevolt to make others feel empowered, confident and courageous. She uses her brand to not only empower others but also give back to marginalized communities. Courtney’s business is fueled by her own life story, passion and purpose.

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  • Marla Rene Beauty Co.

    Marla Dornell-Leaks, Founder

    Founder Marla Rene is feverishly passionate about self love, acceptance and empowerment. Her mission is to break the stereotype of what beauty is and thinks we should all embrace natural beauty. Marla was drawn to creating a skincare line for women of color after her mother passed due to cancer.

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  • Medici Art Gallery - Zanzibar

    Baraka Jackson, Founder

    Medici Art Gallery is an East African art company based in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Founder, Baraka Jackson, and his cousin Ray began their journey by owning paint shops in Stonetown. They are on a mission to capture positive vibes and represent the richness of African culture in their artwork.

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  • Moss + Botanics

    Makuyo N., Founder

    What led founder Khu to creating Moss + Botanics only started out as a normal yoga practice that then led to it’s Kemetic origins of Smai Tawi, literally meaning the Union of Two Lands (Mind + Body). She linked her resources in Jamaica, and across the Caribbean, in order to source the purest, wild-harvested sea moss to create products for Moss + Botanics.

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  • Mrs. Davenport's Sweet Potato Pie

    Jenelle Davenport, Founder

    Wife and mother of seven, grandmother of four (so far!), founder Mrs. Davenport values family, heritage, community, and the sharing and celebration of world cultures! Davenport is also a writer and artist, as well as the author of several pieces of fiction and non-fiction, including "The Gourmet Sweet Potato Cookbook", and upcoming webseries "Kitchen Garden Explorers".

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  • My Beautiful Fluff

    Brittany Washington, Founder

    My Beautiful Fluff is a plus size, body positive brands that empowers women with curves and curls.

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  • My Emollient

    Keeshagaye Whitter, Founder

    Founder Keeshagaye Whitter started her journey with My Emollient when she was diagnosed with eczema and channeled her frustration into research and discovery. Spending time perfecting her products, she has created My Emollient to be organic, toxin free and vitamin rich.

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  • Mygani

    Felicia Wright, Founder

    Mygani LLC, is a lifestyle accessory brand that creates inspirational products for women + girls of color. Our product line features custom illustrations of black women with naturally curly hair. We want to empower them to be confident within themselves regardless of their hair texture or skin complexion. As featured in Forbes and Essence.

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  • Perfectly Hued Expressions

    Latisha Armstrong & Kateena Thomas, Founders

    Perfectly Hued Expressions Founders Latisha and Kateena have created a brand that sets a new standard for the greeting card industry. Latisha is a card connoisseur, mother, and kind soul. Kateena is a mother, wife, and Desert Storm Veteran, and brought the idea to light over two decades ago. Latisha and Kateena together have set out to fix the problem of a lack of diversity in greeting cards.

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  • Reaction Apparel

    Robyn Bond, Founder

    Inspired by the great Maya Angelou, founder Robyn Bond recognized the need to not only make people think about how their actions are affecting the world, but invoke emotions that make people want to change the world. Her custom apparel brand aims to display pride in self and the desire for change.

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  • Rose Glow Tea Room

    Fallon Keplinger, Founder

    Founder Fallon Keplinger founded Rose Glow Tea Room out of stress in her daily activities. Doing all her research she stumbled across CBD and incorporated it into teas. Her discovery of stress relief fueled her to want to share with the rest of the world.

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  • Sabeau Apothecary

    Kamollio Bennett, Founder

    Proudly black, a little Bouijee, but left field! Founder, Kamollio Bennett, brings tranquility, awareness, and tradition through the experience of vegan artisan and CBD-infused luxury apothecary and home scenting. He shares a distinct love for Black stories, sensuality, and artistry. All of his products are designed to enrich our bodies, our minds, and our spaces.

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  • ShotByDuckworth

    Alex Duckworth, Founder

    Alex Duckworth shares his collection of fine art prints.

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  • SkinFlo

    Kenyé Pierce, Founder

    The Skin Flo brand was formed out of the need for better, cleaner and safer skin care products for your body. Our product collections include bath & body products such as body scrubs, body oils and butters and all natural bath salts. Our ingredients are plant derived and our formulations are based on one guiding principle and that is fewer ingredients are better. We do not use synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens or phthalates in any of our products. Our mission is to produce skin care products that nourishes and can help with various skin conditions such as dry skin, dullness/rough textures, body acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and anxiety.

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  • Smile Big Dream Bigger

    Andrea Scott, Founder

    Smile Big Dream LLC is St. Louis' first and only black-owned bilingual education service in St. Louis, Missouri. This organization provides bilingual tutoring services for ages Prek- adult. The owner, Andrea Scott has over 10 years of teaching experience and she always dreamt of taking her lesson beyond the classroom. Therefore she created Smile Big Dream Bigger LLC in 2018, which was inspired by her award-winning book, Smile Big Dream Bigger, to teach black and brown students how to dream.

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  • The Root Doctress

    Deja Pointer, Founder

    Founder Deja Pointer began her journey in the Afro Southern American tradition of Hoodoo. Deja is a Sekhmet Priestess practicing Sunut, or warrior healing physician. She loves to travel the world and learn ancient healing and culture exchanges through her ethnobotany studies like holistic health and natural medicine.

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  • Total Sanitizer

    Ebony Gurndy, Founder

    Founder Ebony Gurndy is a 100% black woman owned business based in Georgia. Her brand's belief is that consistent and proper hand hygiene practices are essential in preventing the spread of dangerous illnesses and viruses in the communities we all live in.

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  • Work Smart Enjoy Life (W.S.E.L. Bags)

    Kwame White, Founder

    Work Smart Enjoy Life (W.S.E.L Bags) designs and offers the most sought after bags (for parents) in the industry. High quality, modern & multifunctional bags with features every parent needs and wants. Featured in Black Enterprise, Yahoo Finance, The Washington Times, ABC News, PopSugar and many more. Get your bag today and see for yourself why everyone has so many great things to say about it.

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    Mo Glover, Founder

    Founder Mo Glover veteran NYC based fashion designer with over a decade of experience designing for emerging womenswear and children’s retail brands. After giving birth to her son Zyem, she launched her own brand bearing his name, ZYEM NYC. Coming of age in Brooklyn and traveling across the globe has inspired the modern yet nostalgic street style showcased in her work. Her goal is to encourage young people of all ages to express their own artistic style.

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